ServiRed – Sermepa


ServiRed es un sistema de medios de pago electrónico, usado por entidades bancarias españolas. More »

Shipping by Product

Shipping by product method

Shipping by Product adds a new type called “Product” in the Flate Rate Shipping method. More »

Shipping by Ranges

Shipping by Ranges method

Shipping method for TheCartPress, It allows you to define shipping cost by amount order range More »

Simple Order Filtering


This plugin activates the “Filter” button on the CartPress Admin “Orders” page. Looks for matches in order ID, shipping first … More »

TCom PayWay

$69.00$39.00 (Discount -$30.00)
Tcom payway payment gateway

Croatian Telecom gateway. Pay Way is a service online credit card authorization. More »

Tier Price & Special Price

Tier Proce in frontend

This eCommerce plugin provides a dual functionality: Tier Price & Special Price. Tier pricing is a promotional tool that lets you price items differently for higher quantities. Special Price allows to set a special price to be activated during a period of time. More »

UPS Live Domestic Shipping

UPS Shipping Method for TheCartPress

Connect with United Parcel Service (UPS) live for ground and air shipping cost using weight and postal codes for shipments … More »

USPS Live Domestic Shipping

USPS for TheCartPress

Connect with the US Postal Service live for domestic shipping cost using weight and zip codes. Admin panel:

USPS Shipping

USPS Shipping for TheCartPress, eCommerce plugin for WordPress

Calculate the shipping cost using a table of weight ranges and US Postal Service zip code zones. USPS Zones are … More »

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