FreshBook payment gateway

FreshBooks helps you send and manage invoices online. Payments online with Credit cards, e-Checks or PayPal.

How to configure TheCartPress – FreshBooks plugin

First of all is to create an account in FreshBooks site:

Step 1. After you logged in your FreshBooks account, you have to configure it. To configure the payment gateway, you need to get the “API URL” (a) and the “Authentication Token” (b). Those values should be copied to TheCartPress Freshbooks Payment admin panel (See step 4)

Step 2. To get payments notifications you have to configure Webhooks. This step will be made by TheCartPress Freshbooks Plugin automatically. So it’s only displayed here for checking issues.

Step 3. Configure Online Payments. Using this FreshBooks admin panel you could configure all online Payment you need.

Step 4. TheCartPress FreshBooks Payment admin panel.

The fields “a” and “b” should be copied from the step 1 admin panel.. The field C must be copied to Step 2 admin panel. Once you have save, the Plugin will try to create the Webhook automatically. Before saving, a “Delete” button will be displayed to allow deleting the webhook.

Show credit card input fields: helps to ask for the credit card data in the checkout process. If it’s not checked, FreshBooks will ask for this data in a later step.

Customer interface

The customer will interact with the next screens:

First, Payment button at the end of TheCartPress checkout process

Second, FreshBooks invoice created by the plugin:

Third, Freshbooks online payment selection:

Fourth A, if “Pay with VISA or MASTERCARD” has been selected, the next screen helps you to pay using credit card:

Fourth B, if “Pay with PayPal” has been selected, the next screen will be Paypal Invoice resume:

Fifth, Pay using Paypal:

Sixth, the email sent by Freshbooks to the customer and to the merchant:


  • TheCartPress
  • FreshBooks account
  • PHP Server with CURL module installed. Usually this module is activated by default.

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