FedEx Live Shipping


Connect with Federal Express (FedEx) live for ground and air shipping cost using weight and postal codes for United States domestic shipping.

  • Version switches to FedEx’s production server
  • Version 0.4.2 implements getIcon() per TheCartPress 1.2
  • Version 0.4.1 adds auto-update functionality
  • Version 0.4 adds a shipping markup option: enter a markup on shipping either as a flat fee or a percentage of the shipping total


The plugin works for United States-based shippers sending to the following country codes:
* US (United States)

You must have a FedEx account and meter number. First open an account here:

Then register for a production key here:
Register for an account, then log in and click “Technical Resources”
Next click “FedEx Web Services for Shipping”
Next, “Move to Production”
Finally, at the bottom of the screen, “Obtain Production Key”
When asked, you are not reselling your software, are asking for a FedEx Web Services for
Shipping, and are a Corporate Developer

Be sure to write down all the information they provide, and look for an email to contain the rest!

Admin panel:

Admin Panel

FedEx Live Shipping Admin Panel