CSV loader

TheCartPress CSV loader

TheCartPress CSV Loader is a plugin for TheCartPress. It allows to load products from a csv file.
CVS loader tries to handle whatever your file is, by letting you select each field.

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Product Browsing from CSV

  • Allows to take a look to the CSV file, to check if the content is correct
  • Allows to assign the CSV columns to the fields of products
  • Allows to select a category where to attach the loaded products
  • Allows to set the status of the loaded products (draft or publish)

Cut your file down to a few lines to test with and try it out. It will read the fields and let you choose the corresponding product field for each one.

When you select a category in the interface, it sets all products to that category, overwriting whatever they were (if they existed before). If you list several columns for a taxonomy(category, tag, or other) in your file, those are all set on that product, adding to whatever is set previously. So it’s additive.

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