Clover Payment


Clover Payment by TheCartPress Team

Clover Payment plugin for TheCartPress, eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

This Paymetn method allows to use Clover as the payment plugin in the Checkout of your stores.

Introducing the one-tap payment app.

5-second checkout.
Fanatical security.
Instant personal payments.

Painless online mobile shopping

Entering your credit card and shipping information on the small keyboard is a

royal pain. Do it once with Clover and next time you can check out in 5 seconds with Clover

Fanatical security

We’re obsessive about security at Clover. That’s why we provide two-factor authentication by locking your account to your phone number and mobile device. You also set a PIN to protect against having your mobile device stolen. Your credit card and other sensitive financial information is never stored on your device or shared with merchants.

Account theft is history

Your Clover account is locked to your mobile device and phone number. Clover doesn’t allow people to access your account by logging into any old machine with a username and password. Clover accounts don’t even have usernames and passwords. That means the bad guys can’t steal your account.

No more passwords

Say goodbye to typing a long username and upper case, lower case, one number, eight-character password. Clover uses two-factor authentication that allows you to use a short PIN securely on your mobile device.

Lots of ways to pay

Not only do we support credit and debit cards, but you can also pay using bank account and even gift cards. We never share your financial information with the people you are paying and we never keep that information on your phone.

Beautiful user experience

Mobile devices are small and hard to use, but we obsess over every pixel on those screens to make sure you get through every experience like magic. And we promise to improve this experience every week that goes by.

Sending and receiving money is a breeze

Accepting donations? Selling products? Owe money to a friend? 1 mile away or 100 miles away, Clover enables you to send and receive money at the speed of light.

Download Now

Clover is available in the US for Android 2.2+ and iPhone 3G and newer with iOS 4.2+.

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